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    Video Plus - Video Editor, Music, v No Crop merger 1.3.8

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.3.7 -> 1.3.8 (iTunes)


    Video Plus is a perfect video editor to post entire video to Instagram, Facebook or any other social media without cropping and with blur background or colourful backgrounds. You can add background music to your video, blur border, apply filters, add stickers, add text, audio recording and the list goes on


    Color border for video
    Blur border for video
    Add background music
    Can add multiple background audio files
    Record audio to lip-sync with the video
    add text on video
    crop and cut your videos
    Add stickers on video
    Added 40+ new video effects
    Added multiple video fit features
    full control on adjusting the placement of audio, stickers and text
    list goes on, why waiting its absolutely free, download it and enjoy in editing videos for free

    What's New

    Added More Themes
    Premium fonts added
    Fixed Crashes
    Improved performance

    Video Plus - Video Editor, Music, v No Crop merger

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  • 07/05/17--23:25: 小瑞在线 (Photography)
  • 小瑞在线 0.9.3

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 0.9.2 -> 0.9.3 (iTunes)



    What's New



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    Hyper.Video Editor 1.6

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.51 -> 1.6 (iTunes)


    Ultra high speed video editor for sharing on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.
    Edit your videos to perfection and share in your favorite social media platforms.

    - Slowmo/Speedup
    - Borders
    - Filters
    - Text
    - Music
    - Blur
    - Emojis
    - Stickers
    - Much more!

    Send us your feedback and we will continue to improve the app!

    What's New

    Lots of new stuff and fixes!
    - Saved videos can have titles now so you can easily recall your content.
    - Improved the editor and fixed bugs while editing.
    - Updated some of the design

    Hyper.Video Editor

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    Lock Photos Video Safe: Hide Private Picture Vault 5.3

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 5.1 -> 5.3 (iTunes)


    • With it, you can lock and manage your private photos, videos, text messages, voice recordings, notes, documents and other files very easily!
    • With it, you can store and view PDF, Text(can be created and edited), PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Html, Pages, Key, Numbers and play music very simply!
    • With it, you can do more things in one app and manage your life better!

    Manage Folders
    • Support subfolders
    • Hide folders
    • Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search folders
    • Multiple folders can be handled at a time

    Manage Files
    • Add photos, videos from computer, camera or photo library
    • Create audio files from recorder or computer
    • Create note of txt format or import any file from computer
    • Sort by Date, Type, Name, Size, Ascending or Descending(click again to switch)
    • Cut, Copy, Delete, Rename, Search, Hide files
    • Multiple files can be handled at a time

    Support Viewing many file formats
    • Photo: jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, jpeg
    • Video: mov, mp4, m4v, mpv
    • Audio: mp3, aiff, wav
    • Document: pdf, doc, ppt, xls, txt, rtf, html, pages, key, numbers...

    • You can lock any category/user with passwords
    • With only one password, you can easily lock or unlock any folder
    • With the password of the current user, you can hide or show any folder/file
    • The Q&A for password resetting can be added or modified optionally

    Communicate with computer
    • Wi-Fi web access for download and upload. Support viewing files on browser and uploading multiple files at a time
    • USB Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes File Sharing
    • You can store any file you like, the importing files will be sorted automatically into 4 kinds: "Photo, Video, Audio, File"
    • The exporting files/folders will be merged into one folder called "Export" in iTunes. For security reason, they will be moved back to app once you stop exporting
    • Import/Export multiple files/folders from/to iTunes in current directory simply

    Manage users/categories and decoy users
    • Create, delete, edit users/categories or decoy users
    • Provide a public account to share your data between users/categories, you can see a public folder in each category/user
    • Provide decoy accounts to conceal your privacy for further protection. You can set passwords for Admin or the other users. If you are forced to open this app in some case, the decoy accounts for Admin is a good way to hide your real private files. Click Admin account and enter the decoy passwords, which will guide app to display your decoy database(different from Admin's) only. So you don't have to worry about snoopers.

    • File name, size, type, modify date, create date, duration

    • Send files/folders via email
    • Send photos via MMS
    • Export photos/videos to photo library
    • Export files/folders to computer
    • Multiple files/folders can be handled at a time

    • Support calculator lock, dot lock, password lock & Touch ID
    • Two interface modes: Grid and Table
    • Photo Slide Show, support background music and transition mode
    • Support Pinch and Double Tap to zoom
    • You can slide to set the background images while recording sound and reset them for any audio file
    • LongPress to enter folder while editing in Grid View
    • Files/Folders can be transferred between users
    • Support continuous shooting
    • Support setting colorful background images for notes
    • Support Retina Display totally
    • Support sliding to view the next or previous one in “Picture, Audio, File” functions

    • All of your data in this app is stored only in your device. We don't access or store your privacy.

    Contact us
    • To help us improve, please leave a review here. Thank you very much!

    What's New

    • Bug fixes & stability improvements

    Lock Photos Video Safe: Hide Private Picture Vault

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    IQ Nightwatcher 2.0.0

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0.5 -> 2.0.0 (iTunes)


    The main function of this app is to play the network video camera.
    IQ Nightwatcher offers a range of patented outdoor motion sensor fixtures with a robotic, rotating LED light. When motion is triggered by the IQ Nightwatcher Wi-Fi model, the robotic light will illuminate and turn towards the detected activity, lighting up the discovery zone and recording a 20 second video clip, sending an optional alarm alert to your smartphone.
    IQ Nightwatcher will continue to introduce new smart home products of internet of things on home security, environmental monitoring, and home appliances control.

    What's New

    1. Brand new experience
    2. Optimize network connection scheme

    IQ Nightwatcher

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    New romantic love photo frames - Photo editor 3.0

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 2.0 -> 3.0 (iTunes)


    "Photo editor to create love cards with quotes for lovers on Valentine’s Day
    Are you ready for Valentine’s Day 2017? Do you have gift ideas for him or her on February 14 to win your lover’s heart? Are you looking for a fun and creative way to edit your pictures with your lover? We offer you the most romantic way to say ‘I Love You’. New heart photo frames with lovely messages and cute love notes are what you need to win your lover’s heart! New Romantic Photo Frames – Photo Editor & Collage app provides you a romantic photo editor to create the best heart photo frames with messages and notes for him, for her or for couples.
    You can create amazing photo montages, love cards, heart frames and photo albums by using our large collection of images to decorate your wedding, honeymoon and anniversary or birthday party photos with hearts, flowers as well as red roses and candles.
    Get ready to win your lover’s heart on Valentines Day! A quick and easy way to generate a customized cute heart frames or love cards and write love notes on your I Love You frames;
    Upload an image from your gallery or take a new photo
    Select from our high quality collection of I Love You photo templates and layouts to frame the pictures of your lover’s memories.
    Photo editor tool to create photo collages
    Text editor tool to add messages, notes and write on your photos or doodle on them
    Set as wallpaper or background on your phone."

    What's New

    improvements in the app

    New romantic love photo frames - Photo editor

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    FaceArt: Face swap, makeup, faceswap & hair style 3.10

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 3.9 -> 3.10 (iTunes)


    Faceart is swap face app, change hairstyle & hair colour. Amaze friends by your selfie photo with celebrity & famous people. Easily preview your new hairstyle, hair colour before making a real cut in hair salons by swap face with beauty frame & faceapp. And a lot of fun when makeup you as movie characters, change your face, eye, hair style & many beauty effects.

    - How to make up your face?
    - Face swap & makeup
    - Change hair colour & hair style.
    - Selfie with celebrity
    - Many makeup face tools

    What's New

    ! Updated some features

    FaceArt: Face swap, makeup, faceswap & hair style

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  • 07/06/17--00:41: Panoply (Photography)
  • Panoply 7.7.7125

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 7.7.7124 -> 7.7.7125 (iTunes)


    Panoply is an E-Multimedia Composer and an interactive Player.

    Panoply is the iPhone version of Panoploid for the iPad.

    Create your business card, greeting card, next panoramic photo, ipod playlist, party invitation with directions, travel book with audio/video, executive multimedia presentation, art sketches, music video album with cover art: all on the iPhone.

    Device Requirements:
    This application runs only on iPhone 4 and above, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.0 or higher.

    Similar to E-book, in addition to text and image, you can composite maps and graphics and add 'On Touch Do'(OnDo) directives on composites to play audio, video, show another image or display a web page. Such composites are collectively, in general, referred to as 'Pano(s)' below.

    Pano roll can be searched on: location by address, latitude/longitude, a pano caption.

    Share pano image via e-mail or Bluetooth.

    On 3GS or later, Panoply also helps you capture panoramic views by automatically positioning, sizing and orienting individual photos(max 5) approximately.

    Panos can be edited on the spot while capturing or any other time later.

    A set of Panos can be collected in a 'Portfolio' and saved.

    Panoply manages all of your media resources optimally without duplicating them if possible.

    Panoply does not force a workflow or a method. Any moment during capture or creation or modification is the same as any other and all operations are available all the time.

    Panoply stores content in a device independent format. This currently means that whenever a pano is edited, modified, and stored back, the changes are applied on the original to maximize the resolution of the result. Looking ahead, it means that should we release Panoply on devices with higher resolution, your current content can be presented on the device with the device native resolution.

    Panoply uses database technology to store the contents. Therefore it is fast, responsive and, searchable.

    Panoply is built 100% on native iPhone technologies: there are no other third party software or software ported over from other platforms.

    In Panoply, what a gesture means is determined by context(graphics, maps, etc.,)as well as settings. This prevents us from having to invent arbitrary distinct gesture for each operation. But it also means that one needs to be aware of the context and settings that might affect a gesture. For example, in graphics workspace, you can create a rectangle, an ellipse, a filled rectangle or, a filled ellipse all with two touches. What gets created depends on the settings.

    Therefore, we strongly recommend that you at least cursorily go through the 4 pages of info before starting in order to be more productive as well as for a better experience at:

    For questions/comments e-mail: or

    Quick Reference:

    In Panorama workspace, pressing trash button lets you either delete an individual item or all of them depending on mode.

    Zoom is available in all tabs when appropriate.
    Rotate: Keep one touch fixed and move the second touch around.
    Frame: Move two touches a distance apart horizontally or vertically on the pano in edit mode in Panorama tab.

    Drag with single touch

    Graphical gestures

    Two simultaneous touches for the two end points of the line, in open, non-smooth mode.

    Rectangle: Same as for a line in closed mode.
    Circle and ellipses: the touches for the rectangle which will inscribe it in closed mode.

    Filled figures: Same as for closed figure with 'Filled' setting ON.

    Track mode: Tracks the touches and create a series of geometries.

    On a Pano in the Pano Roll
    Right swipe: Sends
    Left swipe : Moves it to the Panorama tab.

    Single touch on a Pano item in Pano Roll will toggle between Pano and its image super imposed on the world map with the target corner fixed on its geo-position.
    Pressing the target corner again displays an 'X' pressing X, deletes the Pano.

    What's New

    Better and more precise blending.
    When PDF is chosen as the format to send, blending info is preserved in the PDF.

    Bug fixes:
    Crash when setting filter on composite as a whole is fixed.
    Native resolution of a composite is preserved as much as possible in different contexts.

    From previous versions:

    PDF generation and send is now re-enabled. In order to regenerate true PDF for any composites that currently have PDF as just a wrapper for the composite as an image, edit and save the composite. For portfolios with composites that are just image wrappers, choose to edit the particular composite in Portfolio, choose edit in composite workspace, press done and choose to replace current.

    New additional Color Chooser(‘Swatch, Hex, Slider’) lets you choose color by color
    ‘swatch/color blocks’, by name, hex or decimal color code, or using red, green, and blue color sliders.

    When you touch ‘Color’ button for any item in the Settings(’S’), the two options are presented: previous (Red,Green) and Blue color chooser, or the new color chooser.

    The new color chooser also lets you ‘sort’ colors presented by name, hex value, or ‘original’ random order.

    Setting a value for the color updates other selectors in the new color chooser to the corresponding
    same color value — including scrolling the color swatches to so as to the this color be in the first row.

    The new color choosers are supported in the individual component inspector(‘i’)
On iPad, dismiss the color chooser by pressing ‘Done’. Dismissing by just tapping outside the setting popup will not set the color.

    Portfolio smooth scrolling
    Portfolios now support smooth scrolling. Scrolling can be set to either vertical or horizontal.
    Smooth scrolling is enabled via Settings(’S’) -> Portfolio -> Smooth scroll-> On.
    When smooth scrolling is enabled, Portfolio left and right transition effects(In Settings(’S’) -> Portfolio ->
    Right or Left transition) won’t be applied(since they can not mean anything)

    See also:
    Please go through the version history for information about blending and filters since this is the
    only place this info is currently available, in particular for 7.7.7111(blending and media attachment to
    the whole composite), 7.7.773(blend modes), 7.7.7(Panoply cloud),
    and 7.6.75(Image filters), 7.5.75(quick component dimension modification)


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    Pexels Daily Best HD Stock Photos 1.1

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0 -> 1.1 (iTunes)


    Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover.
    Currently we cover over 30,000 free stock photos. And every month at least 3,000 new high resolution photos will be added. All photos are hand-picked from photos uploaded by our users or sourced from free image websites.

    - New HD Stock Photos updated daily
    - Download, share & Bookmark photo
    - Search for photo
    - More will be added in next versions

    Please give us good review and comment what features you want to add to next versions.

    What's New

    - Update small features

    Pexels Daily Best HD Stock Photos

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  • 07/06/17--02:10: picTrove 1 (Photography)
  • picTrove 1 1.8.21

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.8.20 -> 1.8.21 (iTunes)


    The 1st generation of the best app to search the Internet for photos. Search:

    * Google Images
    * Bing Images
    * Flickr
    * Photobucket
    * Blogger (

    * Saved Searches - picTrove saves any searches you do, and shows you your most used searches on top. No more hassle remembering what you typed to get what results.

    * Image preloading - While you’re browsing through images, picTrove is downloading further images in the background so you don’t have to wait for images to download.

    * Edit photos with Aviary to enhance searched photos.

    * Share and publish photos with supported apps.

    * picTrove tries to find the highest quality images for your searches. A crisp pixel-perfect image is custom-created directly on your device to support your device screen exactly. Tested with very large photos and endlessly tweaked to give you perfectly sized images, fast! No more jagged photos, or stuttering while scrolling through over-large images.

    * Image Slideshow: Automatic Image slideshow for relaxed sit-back viewing.

    * Save photos you like within picTrove or to your Photo Library

    What's New

    * Fixed Google Images not working
    * Removed Photobucket source because they're now sending invalid urls for thumbnails.

    picTrove 1

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    ToonVideo - Selfie Camera for a Cartoon Image 2.1.4

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 2.1.3 -> 2.1.4 (iTunes)


    selfie cartoon video camera app

    You can create your story to cartoon
    - Let’s experience your video with toon effects
    * Create cartoon video with a few touches
    - You can make cartoon selfie easily
    - Make your daily life as a cartoon video with animation and speech bubbles

    What's New

    - update comic frames
    - add cartoon effects

    ToonVideo - Selfie Camera for a Cartoon Image

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    Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures 5.0.2

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 5.0.1 -> 5.0.2 (iTunes)


    "We’re obsessed." —Brit+Co
    "Over allows everyone to be a designer." —Jenny Clark


    Design a greeting card — Visualize an idea — Promote an event — Market your real estate — Layout a business card — Sell stuff on craigslist — Joke around — Make a meme — Caption your pets — Comment on politics — Review a meal — Tell a story — Share your love — Express your feelings — Organize your thoughts — Store measurements — Keep ingredients — Study for a test — Remember details — Track your progress — Celebrate a victory! — Encourage a friend — Give directions — Inspire your fans — Motivate your team — Quote famous people


    TO INFINITY & BEYOND: supercharge your photos with a spectacular collection of 280 fonts, 910+ illustrations AND more new content all the time.

    NO PHOTO? NO PROBLEM! we’ve partnered with two of the world’s best photo sources to put fresh daily images in your hand. Just look for Unsplash & Pixabay.

    PRESS PAUSE WITH PROJECTS: start a ton of projects and finish them (or not) later! You can rename, duplicate and delete.

    COLLECT NEW TEMPLATES EVERYDAY: check back everyday to collect FREE templates from amazing artists.

    A PERFECT COLOR MATCH: use the color sampler and grab perfect matching colors from any pixel on your canvas.

    SWIPE TO FIND YOUR TYPE: glide through hundreds of fonts and then organize your favorites.

    ANY FONT, ANYWHERE: install your own fonts, just find it on the Internet, “Open in Over” and voila.

    ADVERTISEMENT FREE: enjoy your creative experience without any outside adverts.

    GO UNDER WITH OVER: activate the Mask tool and precisely hide parts of your text & artwork, giving you an infinite number of effects.

    MAKE THAT TEXT POP: activate the Drop Shadow tool and create amazing text effects using shadows that lift the text & artwork right off the photo.

    GENTLE ADJUSTMENTS: using the nudge tool you can position any object with pixel perfection.

    CREATIVE CANVAS: find the perfect canvas dimensions for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, iPhone, Apple Watch and more!

    How People Are Using Over:

    —Social media posts
    —Birthday cards
    —Inspirational quotes
    —Event invites
    —Business cards
    —Presentation slides
    —Logos & watermarks
    —Album covers
    —Apple Watch backgrounds
    —iPhone wallpapers
    —Pinterest posts

    “We designed Over like a guitar, an instrument you can have fun with AND make masterpieces.” —Aaron Marshall, CEO of Over




    Over Pro offers two auto-renewing subscription options:
    $9.99 per month
    $49.99 per year

    These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

    Your Over Pro subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Alternatively, there is a "Manage Subscription" menu option in the App Settings menu.

    Read our terms and conditions at

    Read our privacy policy at

    What's New

    We’ll keep this one short and sweet. Like a gummy bear … for ants.

    Apple C, Apple V, Apple OMG!

    We’re excited (like giddy excited) to announce that you can now officially copy a layer (text, image, graphic, all of it!) from one project or template and paste it to another. Drops Mic. Leaves room. Skydives off building.

    Password errors be gone

    Nobody likes a password field that doesn’t work properly (looks away sheepishly). But we’ve updated ours! And now, you can even use 1Password. JOY!

    The usual debugging

    What would release notes be without bug fixes? They would feel empty. Never fear, we fixed an issue where “undo” in the canvas wouldn’t update the view.

    That’s it, that’s all
    With love, The Over Team

    Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures

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  • 07/06/17--03:42: Sun & Moon (Photography)
  • Sun & Moon 2.1.1

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1 (iTunes)


    Where is the sun? How high will it be? When will it be on my balcony?

    If you are a photographer, filmmaker, architect, garden/terrace/balcony owner or any other kind of sun lover, this is your app!

    Use different Views depending on the information you want:

    - compass view: see a top down compass with the sun positions. Use it to see the position in relation to your device heading.

    - augmented reality: hold your device in the air, to see if and when the sun will shine down to you. This is great to plan your photographs, videos or your sunbathing time.

    - map view: on the map, you can see the sun positions and the beam of sunlight. With a slider, you can calculate the time for the optimal sunlight angle. Of course, you can move the map around to see the effects for any desired spot.

    - data view: all the detailed position data listed for any time and location.

    What's New

    Some more bugs fixed
    Support landscape iPad and multitasking
    Better weather forecast by WeatherOnline
    Beta release of Apple Watch App (still too slow)

    Sun & Moon

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  • 07/06/17--04:13: kPoint (Photography)
  • kPoint 4.7

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 4.6 -> 4.7 (iTunes)


    kPoint app leverages native iOS features to enhance the experience of watching kPoint multimedia videos (kapsules). kPoint videos are rich, interactive and searchable.

    With kPoint app, viewers can search for specific keywords and see all the matches even inside the videos. Viewer can play the videos from most relevant match. Viewers can browse through the thumbnails and jump to the point of interest. Search and thumbnails make finding the right content very easy.

    Viewers can decide which media streams they want to see and which ones to zoom into. Watching kapsules on kPoint is not like watching a TV show; it is two way, stimulating and engaging.

    You can also share kapsules. With kPoint, viewers can sign-in and set their preferences. Viewers can see individual content in a separate tab. Based on the tags entered by individuals on kPoint, kPoint recommends kapsules to them.

    Organizations and individuals may have specific domains on which kapsules reside. Viewers can view kapsules from the selected domain. Viewers can use their kPoint credentials to view their content.

    Enjoy the experience!

    What's New

    Creator user can upload videos from iPhone/iPad to kPoint server.


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    有料短视频 - 敢玩上有料 6.0.5

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 6.0.4 -> 6.0.5 (iTunes)







    What's New



    为获得更好的用户体验,我们会不定期在Appstore中更新应用,建议打开手机设置中“iTunes Store与APP Store”的“自动下载的项目”,确保即使拥有更好的有料体验。


    有料短视频 - 敢玩上有料

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    nuPhoto拍立洗-沖洗照片第一品牌 2.70

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 2.69 -> 2.70 (iTunes)


    *4x6吋 相片沖印 全新邊框歡樂登場囉!給您繽紛的氣球 跳躍的音符 南洋風情,還有太空船和太空人喔! 共數十種新邊框喔!!
    *全新上架nuPhoto獨家限定母親節邊框 *相片書 最大可做到21x21公分 只要加價100元!

    全台第一大 沖洗照片APP
    滿意度最高 最多人使用 APP

    ** [經典精裝相本書] APP相本書 超質首選
    尺寸18.5x18.5公分 經典硬殼亮膜封面
    內頁採頂級銅版紙 嚴選製程 一體成型裝訂 色彩寫實
    超值售價 349 元

    ** [蝴蝶晶鑽寫真本] C/P值最高的寫真本
    尺寸18.5x18.5公分 晶鑽亮彩硬殼封面
    內頁採厚實版材及晶鑽覆膜防潮處理 色彩寫實最亮麗
    嚴選蝶蝶頁裝訂 跨頁無接縫 可180度攤平觀看
    超值售價 449 元

    ** 文青風 相片書 [相片手札本]
    筆記本隨身大小 固定50頁 可放52張照片
    封面質感霧膜 內頁美術纸 容易書寫不反光
    輕便平裝裝訂 新上市每本附贈書套
    超值售價 249 元

    * 全台首發APP 照片磁鐵/照片鑰匙圈。

    ** 晒幸福桌曆 超值 249 **
    * 15 cm x 18 cm (含底座),直立近方型設計
    * 14個月 雙面月曆(起始月隨選),加上封面,共29張照片
    * 滑面銅版卡紙,最適合呈現生活珍貴瞬間
    * 貼心農曆節日提醒,還有格子大月曆,實用加倍!
    * 手作感牛皮紙底座,質感加分

    **個人化彩繪手機殼 超值售價 349 **
    透明防刮硬殼 露出iPhone 6優雅腰線
    六色印刷色彩鮮豔 幸福時刻隨身重現
    多款設計可供選擇 輕鬆設計專屬彩繪手機殼
    環保牛皮紙盒包裝 送禮最合適

    ** 開學/開工必備 照片姓名貼
    印刷設備升級 影像品質大改善!!
    第2組起 超值價24元!!

    全球首創 APP製作名片
    [名片] 68元起 第2盒起 28元起 價格隨材質不同
    多款設計款式 輕鬆設計創意名片 放入自己喜歡的照片 讓客戶/朋友 留下好印象

    [卡片貼紙] 一張28元, 第3張起 特價18元. 須購買雙數張
    尺寸 8.5x5.4 公分
    悠遊卡貼紙 超質感珍珠覆膜
    防潑水製程 學校/社區/公司/門禁卡 皆可使用

    [照片姓名貼] 一組24張,售價36元,第2組起 特價24元。
    姓名貼 尺寸 2.8x1.3 公分
    精緻全彩印刷 防潑水製程
    多款邊框設計 輕鬆設計專屬照片姓名貼
    貼在您的專屬小物上 可愛又實用
    明信片大小 小包裝設計方便攜帶

    [個人化彩繪手機殼] iPhone6 & 6Plus
    [晒幸福桌曆] 14個月 雙面月曆(起始月隨選),加上封面,共29張照片
    [經典精裝相本書] APP相本書 超質首選
    [蝴蝶晶鑽寫真本] C/P值最高的寫真本

    * 新增可愛動物,童趣邊框
    * 新!設計師情人節浪漫版型,多種編框版型可供選擇!
    * 購物車合併訂單結帳,沖洗張數無上限。
    * 加入當年雙月曆版型,可以自己輕鬆編輯月曆喔。
    * 可加購 nuPhoto 拍立洗 專屬相本 100/200入 4x6相本及52/200入 3x4相本

    * 最方便的沖洗相片方法
    * 最合理的價格: 每張照片 單一價只收3元
    * 1-4個工作天,快速送到指定地址
    * 獨家彩邊風格,更具美感
    * 特有影像處理技術,照片不失真
    * 頂級4x6/3x4吋珍珠板面沖印紙張 不留指紋

    * 支援信用卡,轉帳,全家代碼繳費和PayPal
    * 支援銀行轉帳,轉帳後會自動處理並發送Email,簡訊通知,不必再做事後確認。
    * 支援加洗一份於查詢訂單中,藉此達到多洗一份寄給親友
    * 同一張照片可以洗多份
    * 可沖洗 instagram 正方形照片
    * 用nuPhoto 洗照片,讓照片更有價值!

    *有這個方便的軟體,洗我家baby的照片方便很多很多 :)
    *真的很方便耶! 沖洗的品質也很好

    APP詳細介紹, 圖文版請見


    Q: 怎麼加入會員?
    可用 "不登入 直接沖洗相片" 的方式使用 APP,
    沖洗完成後, 您的會員帳號和密碼就會以簡訊傳送給您囉~

    Q: nuPhoto App 沖洗相片的價錢?
    每張照片3元, 運費台灣為45元,其他國家依重量而有不同。 (尺寸為 4x6)

    Q: 沖洗相片的時間需要多久?
    1 至 4 個工作天(六日及國定假日不算喔),以郵局掛號或宅配送達; 收件人請記得填寫真名,以免掛號查無此人退件

    Q: 和去超商或一般沖洗店洗相片有什麼不同?

    Q: 手機拍出來的照片沖洗品質如何?
    在戶外及光線充足環境下所拍攝的相片,手機相機的品質已經達到一般數位相機的水準;此外,由於 nuPhoto App 針對不同款式的 手機分別作色彩及銳利度之最佳化處理,讓手機沖洗出來的相片品質比一般沖洗店更佳;不過,在光線不足的環境下,手機拍攝相片中的雜訊還是比數位相機高一些

    Q: 可以沖洗滿版的相片嗎?
    若您喜歡傳統滿版的相片,可在沖洗設定中選擇 "不留邊框" ,但要提醒您,由於各家手機拍出來的影像 長寬比例和 4x6 相片不同,所以相片內容邊緣會有少許部份被裁切

    Q: 可以沖洗 Instagram 的相片嗎?
    可以,建議您選擇 "白邊簡約" 的設定,洗出來的照片會有類似拍立得的風格喔

    Q: 為什麼只提供珍珠版面?

    Q: 可以沖洗不是手機拍出來相片嗎?
    您可以把其它相機或手機的照片上傳到手機,透過 nuPhoto App 來沖洗相片,另外我們也有Web版喔

    Q: 相片可以寄到國外嗎?
    您可以在全世界有網路的地方使用 nuPhoto App 來沖洗相片,但目前相片送達的地址限定台灣,中國,港澳,及新加坡。

    Q: 關於相片的版權
    相片以及數位照片都具有版權,未經過擁有者同意而複製照片將觸及法律條規,若有侵權行為或第三者質疑時,使用者應自負法律責任,與 nuPhoto 無關

    Q: 關於退換貨
    消費者於收到購買產品時,在未經使用發現非人為惡意損壞之瑕疵,nuPhoto 將依法於使用者收受產品七日內,視實際發生情況提供適宜的產品處理辦法

    Q: 關於網路相本
    為了避免您沖洗的珍貴數位相片遺失,我們提供 網路相簿 服務方便您備份和分享照片(需登入才可以使用;可自行設定為個人或公開相簿,預設為個人相簿);若您不想使用此服務,可於完成訂單後自行至 網路相簿 ( 刪除相本

    Q: 信用卡付款問題
    nuPhoto的金流系統由國泰世華銀行提供,您將於安全連線下於國泰世華銀行頁面輸入您的信用卡, nuPhoto 並不會儲存您的信用卡卡號 Visa金融卡也可以用來付款. 國外發卡也能刷喔。

    Q: 美國怎麼洗照片?
    推薦 美國當地製作 當地寄出

    Q: How to print photos in USA?
    We suggest you use Printage App.
    Prints are made in US, and the quality is great, too.
    *Hundreds of stylish photo frames
    *4x6 prints and 8x8 photo book
    * $0.11 per photo and $9.99 for photo book

    Q: 磁鐵的照片品質

    Q: 磁鐵的吸力
    PS: 測試環境為一般冰箱門

    What's New

    更新桌曆及手札本 2018月曆


    0 0
  • 07/06/17--05:25: Mediashelf (Photography)
  • Mediashelf 1.4.0

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.3.5 -> 1.4.0 (iTunes)



    What's New

    bug fix.


    0 0

    Text Caption On Photos- Word Art, Video Font App 6.9

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 6.8 -> 6.9 (iTunes)


    Text on photos and videos is a brand new way to express yourself. Add real-time text and filters directly to your camera! In only a few seconds you can add captions, quotes or anything else you can think of to your camera and share quickly and easily with your friends.

    ADD TEXT USING AMAZING FONTS: Add custom typography directly to your camera with very artistic fonts. Choose from a huge selection of powerful fonts that will make your photos awesome and engaging.

    SUPERB REAL-TIME FILTERS: Create beautiful photos with real-time filters. There are so many types of them: vintage, artistic and funny! With a single tap, you can transform a soulless pic into a work of art!

    You can import your photos from Facebook & Instagram which makes it all so much easier!

    - Rotate text using gestures
    - Add multiple lines of text
    - 1-Tap sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr etc.

    Subscription options:
    ◦ TextOnPhoto 1 Month subscription - $5.99 monthly

    TextOnPhoto adds the great features above and are available through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in your account.

    TextOnPhoto's Privacy Policy is available at and Terms of Use


    What's New

    Bug Fixes. Would you mind writing us a review and telling us what features you’d like to see in the app?

    Text Caption On Photos- Word Art, Video Font App

    0 0

    Music Video Maker- Video Editer 1.4

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.2 -> 1.4 (iTunes)


    Video Maker with Music is the app to add animated and live backgrounds to your videos or instagram stories.

    With over 20+ live and enthrally backgrounds to choose from, there is one for every occasion. Standout from the crowd with these exciting backgrounds.

    Here's some backgrounds to expect:

    Flying Hearts
    -create a lovely couple video with our flying hearts as the background

    Dance Mania
    -thrill your audience with a wicked cool dance mania background and get tons of likes and followers

    -Add a cloud background for a more soothing video experience

    Use our rave background to make your videos very e.d.m. like, giving you the after club thrill. Or opt for a starry night by using our space frontier backgrounds, helping your videos achieve that “space traveler” effect.

    Key features of this app:
    1. Import a video from your camera roll
    2. Record your own videos
    3. Use solid block colors as background for a simplistic editing approach
    4. Add animated backgrounds to bring your editing a notch higher

    What are you waiting for? download Video backgrounds now and start making your videos look awesome!

    What's New

    bug fixes

    Music Video Maker- Video Editer

    0 0

    Nero Receiver 1.0.27

    Device: iOS Universal
    Category: Photography
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0.24 -> 1.0.27 (iTunes)


    Stream videos, photos & music via your PC in your home network and play your media wirelessly on your mobile device with super easy to use Nero Receiver App. Also stream media files between different mobile devices within the same WiFi network – even platform independent. E.g. use Nero Streaming Player App on one mobile device as a wireless media server and via Nero Receiver App let your second mobile device become your wireless media player. Nero Receiver App is also compatible with numerous other UPnP / DLNA media servers and media player apps.

    * Stream videos, photos & music to your tablet in the garden!
    * Listen to PC music playlists on your smartphone in the bedroom!
    * Friends came over? Show some photos & slideshows sitting on the couch!

    Nero Receiver provides you with an easy and high quality solution!

    - Play photos, videos & music stored on the PC to your mobile device
    - Stream music and music playlists
    - Stream photos and slideshows
    - Cast single videos or several videos in a row
    - Play any media file from Media Player® to your tablet or mobile
    - Cast media files using other UPnP / DLNA media servers
    - Pause or stop media playback and skip titles using your smartphone

    Special features in combination with Nero MediaHome®:
    - Transcoding: always stream in device-compatible format
    - Face Recognition: automatic catigorization of your photo library
    - Geotagging: sort photos by places you have visited
    - Themed Slideshows: stream slideshows with automatic intro/outro, transitions & music

    How to stream to Nero Receiver App via Nero MediaHome:
    1. Open Nero MediaHome on your PC.
    2. In the upper right corner you'll find a screen symbol as ‘Play To’ device selection window.
    3. Select your tablet or smartphone from the list.
    4. Select a video, photo, a slideshow, or a music playlist in Nero MediaHome.
    5. Press play in Nero MediaHome & start enjoying your content around the house on your mobile device!

    For how to proceed with other UPNP / DLNA media servers check out Nero Know HowApp under FAQ 'Nero Receiver'.

    Please note:
    Your PC and mobile device need to be on the same WiFi. It is highly recommended to use only in private and secured wireless networks.

    What's New

    NEW: Option for selecting or de-selecting notifications on latest product news

    Nero Receiver

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